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Architectural Scale Model Maker Dubai

Titan Models is one of the leading architectural model makers in the region. Backed by a highly experienced team of professional model makers, we specialize in making superior architectural scale models in line with bespoke client requirements. Over the years, we have worked with some of the best architects, real estate developers, and designers based in Dubai. We focus on attention to detail with any project we undertake and do not think twice about going the extra mile to bring complex ideas to fruition. Our 3D model makers are comfortable making all types of architectural models, including full detailed models, concept models, timber block models, massing models, and more. We also provide a specialized service for pre-applications, exhibitions, and other marketing initiatives. Our model makers use the latest technological tools such as laser cutting & 3d printing to create unique architectural models for our clients. To know more about our service or how we can help with your architectural scale model making requirements, contact our team today!

Why Choose to Work With Titan Models?

Experienced Team

As mentioned, the architectural scale model makers at Titan Models have several decades of industry experience and have worked on almost all types of projects, all of which have been delivered to the highest quality.

Professional Customer Support

We believe in the quality of the product and the quality of the service. Our team approaches every project intending to exceed customer expectations – from providing advice to resolving queries.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Thanks to an experienced team and transparent work approach, we can deliver high-quality architectural scale models at highly competitive prices. To get a customized quote against your requirement, get in touch with us today!

Latest 3D Printing Technology

We use the latest 3D printing technology to make architectural models in various shapes and textures. 3D printing technology greatly helps us save time and money on building 3D scale models.